About Us

Hello there and welcome!

I’m Trina, and I am the creator of “This Real Life Books”. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, and that passion only intensified after the birth of my son. He is my muse and motivation behind “This Real Life Books”! Every night he’d ask me to read him a book and every night he’d ask for one more. So, instead of pulling out another book my eyes were tired to read, I’d tell him a story from my imagination full of magic, but more importantly, I used this moment to help him solve a challenge he may have faced during the day and also other complicated themes. The ending always solved the problem in the most compassionate and loving way. So, my stories were lessons about life and finding positive ways to create change. One night he said, Mama, I wish your stories were in books! I told him that’s a good idea and the “This Real Life Books” series was born!