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“This Real Life Books” are stories that were created to help children deal with real-life situations that are emotionally challenging. These stories were created to help parents explain difficult transitions such as death, separation, divorce, interracial families and racial/gender identity in a loving, healthy and magical way. Stories that help develop confidence and love through adversity. Life can be hard but you don’t have to lose the magic while living it.

The beauty of our books is we are teaching your children Emotional Intelligence while telling them a story that is engaging and full of life lessons. One of our aims is to inspire children to be the heroes and heroines of their own stories. “Galaxy’s Whale” is the first book in a series 10!

Galaxy’s Whale:

A Story of Courage


Galaxy’s Whale is the story of Safiya, a rebellious princess of bi-racial ancestry, who wants adventure. This desire takes her on the magical journey of her dreams. Through the chance meeting of a talking unicorn named Galaxy, she gets transported away to the land of Lyunith in the mouth of a grey whale. Safiya transforms into her true self and learns to love herself as she is.


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I Love Pink


Love Pink is the story of Juanita and Kiana, two girls who support each other through life challenges and learn to “Always Speak Your Truth.” Their differences don’t get in the way of a deep friendship that eventually makes them family. Join them on this tale of empathy, courage and self-love!

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of This Real Life Books is to create a platform where children who have been abused in all forms, are encouraged to “Always Speak Your Truth”, without the fear of shame, blame or harm. We want to create a safe space for children and adults to heal from the traumas that have been afflicted on them by society and its members. A space to tell the world what happened to them so the cycle of abuse can end.

Our Vision

This Real Life Books vision is to eliminate the triggers of trauma globally by stopping them at their source, by empowering victims and teaching them compassion for themselves and others. We want to create a trauma-free society and replace it with love, compassion and common sense laws that protect the most vulnerable of society. No more secrets! No more victims!


Click here for helpful resources and articles that can help you develop your child’s ability to handle various traumas that are happening now in society.

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What people are saying

Casey’s intention with this book, and with others to follow, is to create dialogue around real life issues in the world and help children learn to navigate these challenges with courage and empathy. A teacher, writer, and entrepreneur who has lived and worked on three continents, Casey is originally from California, but now calls Amsterdam home.. Read more




“It’s really inspiring story and great for all genders. My son who is autistic loved the beautiful illustrations and has asked to read it over and over.”

Home Engineer



“I got this for my kids and it’s beautiful. Highly recommende it to both children and adults! My inner child got so much value out of it!”

External Communications Director



“I enjoyed this book so much. It took me back to the days when I was reading stories to my kids. The pictures are wonderful and filled with colorful adventures. The message is so what we need to hear today. I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this exciting journey. More books please. Your talent is what the world needs.”




“I love the unique take on the fairytale. The story is real and also imaginative and fantastic. It’s a compelling story with a nice message. I think what I like about it is how she transforms through the journey of self-discovery and comes to see her family in a different light. The messages are embedded in the story in a way that is digestible for kids/teens and doesn’t feel like a moral lesson handed down from adults.”

Freelance Writer / Writing Coach



“Hands down the most incredible children’s book I have ever experienced! My daughter and I had such a range of emotions and inspiring feelings flow through us as we entered the magical place of this storybook. Please rush to purchase this for any child in your life. I am floored!”

Singer / Songwriter / Bodyworker



“A young princess discovers her true power in a colorfully illustrated self-esteem-building narrative for children who don’t feel like they fit in. Princess Safiya is bored by her classes on proper behavior and unsure of her place in her blended… Read more